Instagram Filter Instructions

GWAR Instagram filters are here!  Now you can post as your lords and masters.

1. Open up the Instagram app on your phone.
2. Click the CAMERA icon in the top left, or the + icon in the top right (depending where in the app you are)
3. Now you’re in STORY mode (check on the bottom), and make sure you switch the camera to selfie mode.
4. Swipe left to the various filters on the bottom until you get to the Magnifying Glass.
5. Tap the Magnifying Glass and then tap the Magnifying Glass on the top right corner.
6. Now search for “GWAR” and you’ll find all of them.
7. Pick on of them and then select “Try It” in the bottom left corner
8. Tap the big round button on the bottom to take a photo, or hold the button to record a video.
9. Once you are done you can publish it (“Send To”) or save it via the arrow in the center on the top.