Virtual VIP (Meet & Beat) on October 29th

VIP filth! We are doing another virtual Meet & Beat on October 29th! Get tickets at GWARVIP.com. This will include a listening party with members of GWAR providing raucous commentary on the making of the Scumdogs of the Universe album....

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Announcing Scumdogs XXX Live! The 30th Anniversary reunion show of Scumdogs of the Universe

Puny humans! GWAR, the greatest live band In the universe will unleash Scumdogs XXX Live! The 30th Anniversary reunion show of the shock rock classic Scumdogs of the Universe Presented by Liquid Death and Metal Injection. This is a full uncensored...

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GWAR Announces Two Drive-In Shows For October 10th in Richmond, VA

There are exactly zero cases of Covid-19 in the freezing cold arctic tundra of Antarctica. This is great news as your Lords and Masters GWAR have been cleared for travel. Unfortunately, during this time of quarantine, GWAR have also found themselves running precariously low on magic...

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