Announcing the Scumdogs 30th Anniversary Tour

Human Scum, have you received your 5G chip implan-...we mean 'vaccine' yet?  Now that you’ve got a shot in the arm, GWAR will give you a shot in the mouth (of spew) this fall as they return to the road...

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GWAR: 'Lust In Space' and 'Bloody Pit of Horror' Vinyl Reissues Now Available via Metal Blade Records

On July 16th, your lords and masters GWAR will release vinyl reissues of their classic albums, Lust In Space (2009) and Bloody Pit of Horror (2010), via Metal Blade Records. Pre-order your copies right here - where the records are available...

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We're playing Riot Fest 2021!

Chicago, we are coming for you again! Riot Fest 2021 tickets are on sale now -> https://riotfest.org/chicago/tickets. We’ll see you in the pit, covered in blood, semen and other human fluids… 

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