Announcing the Hell-O! 36th Anniversary Edition & Never Before Seen Footage!

By GWAR Store

Announcing the Hell-O! 36th Anniversary Edition & Never Before Seen Footage!

Human Scum! Raise Your Horns!

Your Infamous Lords and Masters of Shock Rock are thrilled to announce the re-issue of their landmark masterpiece album, 'Hell-O!,' on this, its 36th anniversary. The new release will be blood-spattered clear vinyl and includes expanded artwork featuring never-before-seen photos from the time, including the original album release show in Richmond.

Over those 36 years many have tried to destroy the footage filmed at the recording of this album, but all have failed. For the first time ever, you can now see part of that footage here. Pre-order 'Hell-O' and return to on Sept 13th to see all of this never-before-seen video!

'Hell-O! (36th Anniversary Edition)' will be available in physical form only with limited runs of both CD and Vinyl. It is due out September 13th on the band’s own label: Pit Records. Pre-Order right here!

To help celebrate this momentous release, the iconic heavy metal collective is also reprinting the "GWAR Must Die" t-shirts made oh-so-famous back in their original pillaging days by human rabble everywhere. Get yours HERE!

As some of you may know, the current lead singer of the band, Blóthar the Berserker, once inhabited the earthly form of GWAR’s original bass player, Beefcake the Mighty. We asked Blóthar for his feelings on this momentous occasion: “It was the 80’s. I was so young and scared. I will always remember wandering around the seedy sex arcades of Times Square, pants around my ankles, tears in my eyes…little did I know, I was working on the most important record in the history of shock rock. We were polishing a turd for the ages…we wanted to call it 'Beat the Meatles,' but the record company said no…and 'Hell-O' was born.

GWAR circa 1988