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Announcing Official GWAR NFTs

By GWAR Store

Announcing Official GWAR NFTs

That's right bohabs, we now have NFTs. This limited edition collection is available for purchase now. We figured it was about time this puny planet started trading in assets that are accepted throughout the universe so each NFT will be available for direct purchase using both fiat and crypto currency. Get yours here.

The GWAR Official NFT Collection includes 3 different NFTs, featuring music and brand new, original digital art from Matt Maguire of GWAR. The NFTs in partnership with Fanaply will be all minted and backed on the Ethereum blockchain so they are guaranteed scarce and unique.

Blóthar, had this to say about the release: “Our manager Sleazy P. Martini tells me that with these NFTs, our fans will get some cool, original, never-before-seen GWAR art, and they can own a little piece of the GWAR universe. He also tells me that if we sell enough of them, I can buy lots of curly fries.”

GWAR Official NFT Collection:
Scumdog Legionnaire – Only 10 limited edition NFTs available: The rarest of honors that any human can achieve is to fight (and most likely die) beside the Scumdogs of the Universe. The select few who have achieved this privilege have now become Legend!

Slave of GWAR – Only 50 limited edition NFTs available: Only the cream of the human crop are selected by GWAR to ascend to the status of Slave. In the past, the only way to achieve this honor was through years of physical service to GWAR. Now there is a short cut.

Bohab 4 Lyfe – 250 limited edition NFTs available: Bohabs are humans who worship our Lords and Masters, GWAR. Some claim that the Bohabs are a secret cult, dedicated to chaos and abandon. Some are right. Now you can prove that you are among their ranks with this entry level NFT.

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