Battle Maximus Is Out Today, And Introducing The Li'l Raspy Plush Toy

By GWAR Store

Battle Maximus Is Out Today, And Introducing The Li'l Raspy Plush Toy

Ten years have passed since the release of GWAR’s masterwork known as “Battle Maximus.” The record is a tribute to fallen Scumdog Warrior Flattus Maximus (AKA Corey Smoot) and was the last album recorded with vocalist Oderus Urungus (AKA Dave Brockie) before he departed the planet Earth in 2014. Today, in celebration of this momentous occasion GWAR have released a 10th Anniversary Edition of “Battle Maximus.”

In addition to being completely remixed and remastered, this edition features the final recorded vocal performance of Oderus Urungus on the previously unreleased and never-before heard song “Tammy, The Swine Queen.” Listen to it HERE. Purchase or stream the album HERE.

Checking in from the road, vocalist BlothaR the Berserker commented: “Musically, Battle Maximus is a great debut work by Pustulus Maximus, and lyrically, it is the final word of lead singer and band founder Oderus Urungus, The record is run through with the desperate, dangerous, and fully bananas imagination of Oderus. In fact, this re-release includes a song so nutty we named it twice, and then promptly forgot to put it on the record the first time around. ‘Tammy, Queen of Dirt,’ or, ‘Tammy the Swine Queen’ is the final performance of the maestro of mayhem, Oderus Urungus, and for our fans, it does not disappoint.

The double vinyl also features expanded packaging, redesigned art and an embossed cover. Available now are the standard LP is Crystal Blue with Dark Blue swirl vinyl, the Bandbox exclusive version is Stained Glass vinyl, Newbury Comics version is White with Blue swirl vinyl and Revolver Icons Series features multiple different colors all with NFTs to authenticate.

Your Lords and Masters are also pleased to announce that you can finally buy your very own plush “Lil’ Raspy'' doll. This fuzzy neon green platypus of despair is our first official GWAR plushy, and it is simply the cutest thing you will ever see on this or any other planet. Raspy may be a murderous Artificial Intelligence come to life, but he is also the coolest toy on the shelves this year! This toy is in stock and ships immediately! Order yours HERE.