GWAR Partner With Volatile to Release Signature Skateboards

By GWAR Store

GWAR Partner With Volatile to Release Signature Skateboards

GWAR have announced the release of a new line of skateboards and skateboard accessories with North Carolina’s VOLATILE SKATEBOARDS, the world’s premiere manufacturer of officially licensed rock and roll skateboards, high quality skateboard tools, and accessories, available now for pre-order right here!

Their hugely successful 2020 release with CREATURE SKATEBOARDS sold out at skate shops around the world, and this new VOLATILE X GWAR collaboration is even cooler, and will include a new series of skateboard decks, wheels, MOB GRIP griptape, T-Tools, and more.

GWAR will also offer a run of limited edition Volatile ‘VSB SERIES’ decks, available exclusively from the GWAR webstore. Created with the modern “wall hanger” collector in mind, the VSB Series features the same the same great aesthetics of the VOLATILE Pro Models with a super cool graphics and constructed from a hybrid of Canadian and Chinese Maple to offer a more affordable option for “Wall Hanging” or beginning skaters. The VSB series “Wall Hanger” decks, along with a limited number of Canadian Maple “Pro Model” decks, tools, and accessories, are available for pre-order now from the GWAR store at, while a full run of Pro Model decks, tools, and accessories will be available later this Summer through Worldwide skate retail from VOLATILE, including a VOLATILE exclusive retail-only design. This is the start of a series of limited edition decks that will be released periodically at Sign up for the mailing list to be notified when new designs are released.

Phase one of the collection launched for pre-order earlier this month in England through a partnership with London’s legendary THREE AMIGOS SKATESHOP, the first retail shop in the World to release offerings from the line, in advance of GWAR’S recent June UK headline dates.

Launched in 2018, Volatile Skateboards has become the go-to brand for licensed artist skateboard decks and accessories, creating and manufacturing direct to consumer, retail, and touring skateboard decks and accessories through collaborations with Fear Factory, Helmet, Cro-Mags, Darkthrone, Plasmatics, Descendents, Subhumans, White Zombie, Morbid Angel,Dio, Nonpoint, Halestorm, Fishbone, Saliva, Alien Weaponry, Filter, Scatterbrain, Dangerous Toys, Nuclear Assault, Warrant, Dark Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Stone Temple Pilots, Venom, Death, and many more.

Volatile founder John Horn says, “When we started Volatile, it was just for the fun of making cool stuff with bands we like. 5 years, and hundreds of decks later, we are honored to collaborate with the mighty GWAR. It really doesn’t get much cooler than that. What the Hell do alien overlords want with skateboards? No fucking idea. We tried to ask Blothar, but he just grunted and screamed “BOW HUMAN SCUM”. Still not exactly sure what he meant by that, but that sword is sharp.

After the stabbing, Blothar the Berserker added “Me on a skateboard is like a bowling ball on a roller skate, but when I was a younger space alien overlord, I was King of the Darkslide. These boards and all this cool stuff makes me want to strap one on and break a hip!