GWAR's Bud of Gods Line Introduces "New Dank Ages" Flower, Gummies, and More

By GWAR Store

GWAR's Bud of Gods Line Introduces "New Dank Ages" Flower, Gummies, and More

Just in time for 4/20, GWAR are adding to their Bud of Gods CBD line with a new run of products dubbed New Dank Ages! The New Dank Ages collection features premium CBD flower, gummies, and a vape pen, among a number of exclusive accessories.

Of course, New Dank Ages was inspired by the intergalactic barbarians' latest album, 2022's The New Dark Ages. While the original Bud of Gods products remain available, the New Dank Ages items add all new strains and flavors with an even higher potency. All of you puny humans can pre-order now exclusively via

The high-quality New Dank Ages CBD flower has hints of grapefruit and blueberry, and is just the stuff the members of GWAR use to chillax after a day of destruction.

Or if you're looking to connect with your inner Scumdog, try the New Dank Ages "Beast" gummies, a potent 40 mg Delta-8 & THCP edible packed with blueberry and raspberry flavors.

For the Bohab on the go, there's the New Dank Ages "Berserker" D8+THCP vape, a citrusy 2-gram (2000 mg) disposable that is fully rechargeable, featuring a sub-ohm coil and long-lasting battery.

GWAR singer Blöthar the Berserker screams, "As an ancient shamanic warrior from outer space, I know my herbal 'supplements.' In 2021, we put out the Bud of Gods with Consequence, and that was good stuff. Now, me and the boys are delighted to bring you a new sun grown, hand trimmed, indica dominant hybrid strain: NEW DANK AGES!"

He continues, "Available in flower, gummies, and vapes, New Dank Ages helps me ignore any and all responsibility, no matter how pressing! Fortress overrun? Screw it. Behind on my ox cart payments? Who cares!? I can snooze through even the loudest and bloodiest battles, it’s the New Dank way!"

But wait, Scumdogs, there's more! You can also get your hands on the New Dank Ages "Ratcatcher" Rolling Machine, a rolling tray, and a sweet T-shirt. After all, if you're gonna feel good, you gotta look good.

So, what're you waiting for? Visit the GWAR collection at the Consequence Shop right now to pre-order the new line of New Dank Ages products, and to see all the specs. And don't forget, you can still pick up the O.G. Bud of Gods items, which are currently BUY ONE, GET ONE 25% off during the Consequence Shop’s 4/20 sale.