X-Cops XCAB EP Is Out Today - And The Limited Edition Is Selling Fast!

By GWAR Store

X-Cops XCAB EP Is Out Today - And The Limited Edition Is Selling Fast!

X-COPS Disturbing the Peace with New EP 'XCAB' out Today! X-COPS are back! After 25 years on the lam, the original Bad Boys of Law Enforcement have returned, bringing their unique brand of heavy metal with them. The world has never been more in need of the message they bring: “Respect authority, or else!”, and they have the riffs and the firepower to back it up! Keeping that in mind, today, we see the release of their highly anticipated and long-awaited "XCAB" EP. Physical versions of the EP are nearly sold out, so don't sleep on it and pick one up now.

Rumors about the identities of these uniformed thugs are rampant, with some even going as far as to say that they are made up of members of such legendary bands as GWAR, Rigor Mortis, and Darkest Hour, but the truth is they are actually former police officers who have banded together to beat the world into submission, force feed the public their own brand of Justice, and spread the word that All Cops Are Beautiful!

In conjunction with the EP's release, X-COPS has dropped a new video for the song "Kinderhardened."

We got sick and tired of constantly getting calls about one school shooting after another, and we knew we had to do something about it! So we took the phone off the hook and wrote this kickass song!" remarks Sheriff Tubb Tucker.

Watch the Video for "Kinderhardened" HERE

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